Virtual Dental Consultations now at NEESH

It’s not always easy to make a trip into the clinic to see your dentist. It can be hard to leave home, whether due to lack of transportation, insufficient childcare, or even an absence of will to face the cold winter weather! For some who work nights or shift work, coming into the clinic is virtually impossible. For others who live rurally, travelling to the city for an appointment comes with the added cost of time and fuel. During the coronavirus pandemic, many folks are in self-isolation, immunocompromised, or social distancing. With NEESH Dental, none of these scenarios presents a barrier to access dental care. We are now offering virtual consultations—making dental care more convenient, more safe, and more accessible.


What is Virtual Dentistry?

It may sound fancy and technology-forward, but virtual dentistry just means that you can book an appointment for a dental consultation that happens virtually, via video call. You can receive professional dental care and advice from anywhere with wifi—whether that’s from the comfort of your own home, from a hotel room,  on the side of the road, or from an office desk. During your virtual appointment, you will  speak directly with a dentist from our clinic and get face-to-face support with your dental questions and concerns without stepping foot in our clinic. book your private online consultation with Dr. Parviz Yazdani from NEESH Dental!


A private online dental consultation is the perfect solution for you if: 

  • you live on a farm, a reserve, small town, or other rural area
  • you are immunocompromised or close to someone who is
  • leaving the house during covid-19 is a risk for you or someone you are close to
  • you have an elderly loved one who is confined to a home and needs dental care
  • you are out of town and unsure if your dental problem can wait until you get home
  • you are hosting an out-of-town guest with a dental concern, far away from their own dentist


Benefits of virtual dental consultations:

  • More convenient
  • Eliminates the cost of travel
  • Saves time
  • No-contact, zero risk of exposure to covid-19
  • Accessible anyone with access to wifi
  • Reduces barriers to access dental care
  • Costs less than a dental exam
  • Reduced experience of dental anxiety
  • You can wear your pyjamas


Here are 10 situations that call for a virtual dentistry consultation:

  1. If you would like a second professional opinion about your treatment options
  2. If your child has an eruption pattern that you are concerned about
  3. If you are curious about Invisalign or dental implants and want more information to see if it’s right for you
  4. If you would like to feel more confident when you smile and want to discuss your options for cosmetic dental work
  5. If you have a toothache or sensitivity and are unsure whether you need to see a dentist
  6. If your child bumps their mouth or teeth causing injury and you’re not sure if they need urgent care or if it can be managed at home
  7. You chip your tooth and don’t know if it’s an emergency or if it can wait
  8. You’re thinking about getting dentures but are unsure if they would be right for you 
  9. You recently moved to the city and are trying to find a dentist without risking covid-19 exposure
  10. You wish to discuss management for pain associated with TMJ or Bruxism


Virtual Dentistry – Convenient. Safe. Accessible.

Virtual consultations have revolutionized dentistry by increasing convenience, safety, and accessibility all at the same time. Whatever your reasons for staying away from the clinic, we support you. At NEESH Dental, we offer dental consultations virtually, providing you with the same personal, professional care—from the comfort of your own home! Book your appointment for a virtual consultation today!

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