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Invisalign might be all you need! We spoke to an Invisalign patient from our clinic to get you the full scoop on what to expect when you decide to correct your smile with invisible aligners. This patient is an entrepreneur in his mid-forties currently in the middle of his treatment plan. Read on to learn what he has to say about the experience so far.

1. How did you first hear about Invisalign, and what made you decide to choose this option over other teeth straightening treatments?

I found out about it through my children’s orthodontist when looking to address tooth wear due to bite issues. Upon doing some investigating, I discovered I could do Invisalign as an option with my dentist at Neesh Dental.

2. How long did you wear your aligners, and how many sets of trays did your treatment include?

My treatment is 42 weeks (1 tray per week) to fix what would have taken 3-4 years with braces and potentially surgery.

3. What was the most challenging aspect of your Invisalign treatment, and how did you stay motivated to continue wearing the aligners throughout the process?

The most challenging aspect are the discomfort when changing trays due to the effects on bite while things are moving. I made my routine to change trays in the evening before bed and to sleep through the most uncomfortable part, with a little help from ibuprofen.

Another challenge was eating which comes with the hassle of removing and cleaning in order to eat. Snacking is near impossible with Invisalign, and drinking things like red wine and coffee mostly stops as well — it’s a fantastic bad habit-breaking diet, which kept me motivated!

4. Did you notice any changes in your speech or pronunciation while wearing the aligners, and if so, how did you adjust to these changes?

A little bit at first, but you learn to talk with them relatively quickly. “S” sounds are the most difficult, but you get used to it.

5. In your opinion, what are the benefits of Invisalign over other teeth straightening options? 

The timeline is MUCH shorter, and you can’t tell you are wearing them at first glance most of the time. It is VERY discreet.

6. Did you encounter any issues with the aligners fitting properly or staying in place, and if so, how did you address these issues?

None at all, they snap into place easily and do not move at all.

7. How did you find the overall cost of Invisalign, and did you feel that it was a worthwhile investment?

It was about a third less than traditional braces, so the value is fantastic! Very much a worthwhile investment.

8. What best advice would you give to someone who is just starting their Invisalign treatment, in terms of preparing for the process and managing expectations?

Plan for a miserable first week while dealing with the initial discomfort and the change in eating/drinking habits.

9. Did you experience any relapse or shifting of your teeth after completing your Invisalign treatment, and if so, how did you address this issue?

None so far.

10. Finally, how has your experience with Invisalign impacted your overall dental health and hygiene, and would you consider using Invisalign again in the future if needed?

Dental care

This was a significant element actually. It changed the tooth position, making flossing MUCH easier. Likewise, it changed brushing habits, as I found myself wanting to brush nearly every time I ate or drank anything. This made for an overall improvement in oral health. I would absolutely do it again if it was needed.

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