NEESH Dental Re-Opening With New Enhanced Protocols

Opening June 15th!!

We are pleased to be re-opening NEESH Dental clinic for regular operations on June 15th, with new and enhanced protocols in place to protect our patients. We have been busy working on obtaining equipment, making changes to the clinic to accommodate extra safety measures, and ensuring our staff is ready to welcome patients back to the clinic.

We of course have the best interests of our patients in mind and we have modified our appointment process slightly in order to ensure we continue to provide quality care while ensuring the utmost in health and safety precautions are in place.

Please keep in mind the following fundamental changes to your future dental appointments: 

  • You will have fewer but longer appointments. This is to minimize your exposure to aerosols in our clinic.
  • Due to staggering appointment times, you will be given an appointment time. There is not much flexibility in the system, as we need to accommodate all patients with adequate times in between.
  • Only patients are allowed in the clinic space. For minors under the age of 12, only one adult (parent or grandparent) can accompany the patient into the treatment room. 
  • We will be applying a nominal 3% increase across the board to the fee guide.

What to Expect at Your Next Appointment

  • Please arrive exactly on time for your appointment.
  • Please arrive wearing a mask when you enter the clinic and keep your mask on until you enter the treatment area; if you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you as you arrive. 
  • You will be asked a few health screening questions and we will be taking your temperature at every appointment.
  • There will be no waiting in our reception area. Once you are checked in you will be brought into a treatment room.
  • We are staggering the scheduling of all patient appointments to avoid gathering of people in our waiting room.

Adjustments to NEESH Dental Clinic For Your Safety

We have made adjustments to our brand-new clinic to be the safest health facility in the province. We have decided that this is important for the safety and well-being of our patients and staff.  They are as follows:

  • In addition to having individual separate rooms with sliding doors, we have introduced weather stripping to seal each room, to keep aerosols inside each room. 
  • We have modified our HVAC system to have negative pressure in each room and to keep all aerosols inside each room, similar to hospital operating rooms (OR).
  • We have introduced filters and UV air purification to our ventilation system to actively clean the air in the rooms in between each patient – this is better than a hospital OR.
  • During certain appointment, our staff will be wearing locally made surgical caps and gowns, similar to an OR setting.
  • The team will be wearing customized masks and face-shields to assure the best fit of n95 masks.

These measures are taken with your and our staff’s best interest in mind and we have stopped at nothing short of excellence in preparing to re-open the clinic and continue to provide the standard of dental care you have come to expect at NEESH.


Virtual Consultations

We are pleased to also be offering tele-dentistry/virtual consult appointments. This allows for a private 20 minute 1-on-1 consultation with Dr. Yazdani to ask questions before we book you in the clinic, or to give you advice on what to do with your dental health situation. This can help eliminate unnecessary visits to our office, particularly if you have other commitments preventing you from coming into the clinic (i.e: lack of childcare or if you are living in a remote community or rural/distant area).

Simply book a 20-minute consult via Zoom video conference or phone online here. Once this consult is complete you will then know what the course of action should be, and if an in-office appointment is necessary.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in rescheduling an appointment, booking you in for a new one, or discussing the virtual consultation option with you.

Yours in oral health,

NEESH Dental Team

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