How to Switch Dental Service Providers, and why you might want to

How to Switch Dental Service Providers, and why you might want to


Your relationship with your dentist matters more than you think. 

Your relationship with your dentist and your dental clinic can really make or break your oral health. When you have good feelings about your dentist and positive experiences with your dental care services, it positively influences your attitudes and behaviours about oral hygiene whether you realize it or not. If you really don’t enjoy visiting your dentist, chances are that you consistently put off dental care, or don’t consider their advice trustworthy, which could be really hurting your oral health. Even simple things such as an inconvenient location of your clinic could be influencing your overall oral health. 


Are you and your dentist compatible? 

Being a great dentist is more than just technical proficiency. It also requires a great degree of tact, compassion, and interpersonal skills. Look for someone detail-oriented, experienced, and technically skilled. It is equally important that they be approachable and easy to talk to, with a personality and communication style compatible with yours. They should be straightforward and efficient, but never show that they are in a rush. They will also demonstrate gentleness and compassion, showing concern and care for how you feel when you’re in the chair. 


When it comes to your oral health, don’t settle for good enough. 

Aim to feel great when you leave the dentist. Every time you visit, you will be sharing close personal contact with your professional dental care team, so it’s important that they are people you feel comfortable and relaxed with—especially if you are someone who experiences dental fear and anxiety. If you are not at ease in the presence of your oral care provider, there is a risk of anxiety becoming a barrier to you getting the dental care you need. Think about how you feel leading up to, during, and after your two most recent dental visits.


Signs it may be time to try a new dentist: 

  • The location is inconvenient
  • You consistently dread your dental appointments or put them off
  • You feel anxious during and after your treatments
  • You feel rushed and overlooked by your dental care team when you are there
  • You don’t feel heard or seen as a person versus “just another patient”
  • The environment isn’t soothing to you (ie, the music, the smells, the lighting, the decor, the overall feeling of the place)
  • You don’t always understand what your dentist is telling you, or you don’t trust their recommendations
  • You haven’t had pleasant interactions with the administrative team 

Finding the best dentist for patients with dental anxiety. 

If you have dental anxiety, it doesn’t have to be this way forever—truly great dentists know this and will have developed the skills to help you feel at ease before, during and after your treatments and will have practical tools to support you through transforming your dental anxiety into confidence and peace of mind. There are dentists in Saskatoon who specialize in treating patients with dental anxiety, however, the nervous system is complex and different for every person, so the best dentist for your nervous system will be the one that you feel relaxed and comfortable around.
Read more on Dental Anxiety and How Your Dentist Can Help.


Anyone can switch dental offices in Saskatoon at any time. 

Doing so can be easy when you follow these steps:


  1. Call your current clinic to inform them you are moving.

Although you are not required or obligated to tell your current dentist that you are moving to a new clinic, doing so is courteous—especially if you have been there a long time. If you decide to call and let them know, they would be able to update your final records and use this information to improve patient care and relationships moving forward. 

  1. Contact your new clinic to schedule your first appointment.

Let them know this will be your first visit, and they will be able to explain any details and particulars about the transition process, as well as answer any questions you may have about the logistics of moving clinics. Schedule an appointment or request a consultation with a dentist at NEESH Dental. 

  1. Arrange to have your x-rays transferred from your previous clinic to the new one.

Your new clinic can request the transfer from your previous one, or you can request the transfer when you call to let them know you’re moving clinics. Either way, you will need to sign a release form as these documents are confidential personal records that can’t be shared without your consent. Often, it’s only the most current xrays taken in the last 12 months and a panorex, if available.

  1. Arrive early at your first appointment to complete your patient intake forms. 

In order to provide you with the best, most appropriate and safe treatment tailored to you, we’ll need to gather a bit of information directly from you using a brief patient intake form. Arrive a few minutes early to your first appointment to fill these out. The information gathered in this form will be kept confidential and only shared with your oral health care team. 

  1. Pay close attention to how you feel when you’re at the new clinic.

Is this an environment that puts you at ease? Does it feel good interacting with the staff? Would you recommend this to a loved one?


Our downtown dental clinic is accepting new patients.
If you are looking to switch dental care providers and you work downtown, consider NEESH Dental’s convenient downtown location. We understand how uneasy some patients can feel about the dentist and focus on building a foundation of trust and creating relaxing and positive experiences for everyone who visits our clinic. We pride ourselves on listening to our patients and responding accordingly; by giving thorough explanations of treatments and ensuring you are in total control of your oral health. Read more about us to explore whether we could be the right dental care provider for you.

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