Glidewell.io™ allows Saskatoon’s NEESH dentists to offer same-day dental crowns

We are committed to offering our patients the best in oral health services, and that means keeping up to date with new technology in the industry. As is our tradition at NEESH, we spend time researching new technology before introducing it to our clinic. We are proud to welcome glidewell.io™ CAD/CAM technology to provide NEESH patients with same-appointment ceramic crowns for the most comfortable and convenient dental restoration experience possible. 

What is a dental crown? 

A crown is a very common approach to tooth restoration after a trauma such as root canal therapy, a large filling, or a broken tooth. It is a shell that covers a damaged or decayed tooth to protect it against fracture or further damage. It also restores the shape and function of the tooth. Historically, crowns have been made of gold, then porcelain, and now ceramic is often the best way to restore a tooth. Ceramic is durable, long-lasting, looks like a real tooth, and works just as well too. 

What is CAD/CAM technology in digital dentistry?

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) have been used for decades to make precision parts and tools in many industries. These technologies were first adopted by the dental profession in the mid 1980’s to improve dental restorations and prosthetic devices such as dentures and crowns. Digital dentistry and CAD/CAM technology has improved and advanced significantly since then, allowing us to provide you with the best, precision-fitting dental restorations. 


A simple process for world-class crowns in Saskatoon


CAD/CAM technology allows us to simplify and control the process of restoring your teeth:

  1. A high tech scanner takes impressions of your teeth
  2. A machine designs a highly accurate proposal, created using advanced machine-learning technology and past data from Glidewell Laboratories. Using that proposal, we make minor adjustments to the design for superior fit and even more precise margins.
  3. Our in-office mill creates your custom crown while you wait and you walk out of the clinic with it a couple of hours later. 



With Glidewell.io™ NEESH brings digital precision CAD/CAM crowns to Saskatoon


NEESH Dental is proud to offer the many benefits of CAD/CAM crowns: 

  • Quick, same day 
  • Control – made in-house
  • Simple and convenient process – no need for multiple visits
  • Superior precision and best fit 
  • Very strong and durable 


Our professional dental services now include same-day crowns to serve you better. To learn more about dental restorations, visit https://neeshdental.com/dental-work/restorations/. Talk to your dentist at your next appointment about the glidewell CAD/CAM technology and discover just how impressive this technology is. 


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