Financial support for dental care: more affordable oral health for Canadians

Overview of the Canadian Dental Benefit 

In April 2022, the Canadian Government announced a commitment to a national dental care program, but has been slow to reveal the details of the program. Many people are curious about this and our Saskatoon patients have been asking for more information. Here we outline everything we know about the Canadian Dental Benefit. 

Improved access to oral health for Canadians, in phases

The federal government’s approach to dental care will unfold in phases over the next three to four years. Limited information about the phases has been announced, but we know that the current interim dental benefit program will run until June 30, 2024. It offers up-front, tax-free payments to offset out-of-pocket dental care expenses for Canadian children under age 12 in households with annual incomes of less than $90,000. The next phase of the CDB will focus on children under age 18, seniors, and people with disabilities. The intention is to cover all adults by 2025, but no further details about the phases have been provided. 

Canadian Dental Benefit for Kids: October 2023 – June 2024

Children under 12 may be eligible to receive a CDB payment for dental services received in each of two eligibility periods:
• October 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023
July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024
To be eligible for the current phase of the CBD, you must…
• not have access to dental insurance for your child
• have a household annual income of less than $90,000
• be up to date on income tax filings
• be in receipt of the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) for your child
• provide documentation of out-of-pocket dental expenses

Send your child to the dentist for the best prevention and lifelong oral health

Before you apply to receive the CBD, schedule your child’s dental appointment. Parents and guardians of eligible children will need to apply through the Canada Revenue Agency to receive the CDB for their child. The application form asks for the name of the dentist and date of the upcoming dental appointment. Once approved, you will receive funds directly and will not need to pay out-of-pocket to get reimbursed later. You will need to keep receipts and documentation outlining the dental services your child receives at their appointment. 

Please visit the CRA website for the latest details on how and when to apply.

Still have questions? Visit The Canadian Dental Association’s FAQ about the Canada Dental Benefit. 

Schedule your child’s cleaning and exam now

Then you can apply for the CDB, get approved, receive a payment from the CRA, send your child to the dentist, pay for the appointment using the funds provided. The team at NEESH Dental is ready to serve your family’s oral health care needs. Learn more about our approach to pediatric dentistry here.

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