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Recent years have brought about many changes within the dental industry, specifically with regards to orthodontic treatment and care. This increasing awareness on the health and look of a patient’s smile has fuelled the desire for patients to seek out orthodontia not only as a medical necessity, but for cosmetic reasons as well.

Frequently Asked Questions – Invisalign 

The popularity of the Invisalign treatment has really exploded in the last few years so we understand that you may have a lot of questions about this option. We have included some of them here and please contact us to arrange a consultation with your dental professional and we can provide you with the guidance and information needed to determine if this option works for you. 


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of treatment that uses custom made invisible aligners to help straighten teeth. It can be an effective alternative to braces. It does not require invasive installation of appliances but rather a tray that slips on tight over your teeth and gradually adjusts them based on a movement plan outlined by your dental professional. The team at NEESH Dental are able to answer any questions you have on this option and help assess your smile and determine if this is a treatment option that would work for you. 

What is the cost of an Invisalign treatment plan?

Invisalign treatment is customized for your specific requirements and therefore there is not set price. The NEESH dental team will explain all the options available to you and help determine if Invisalign is a good fit for you. At that time we will discuss all payment options and pricing with you so you can make an informed decision.

    What does the Invisalign treatment involve?

    Invisalign treatment starts with a thorough understanding of your goals and unique situation. Your dental professional will then take digital impressions, x-rays if needed, and determine a custom treatment plan for you. Once this treatment plan is complete, custom moulds will be ordered for you. These moulds slip on over top of your teeth and gradually and gently move your teeth according to the plan your dental professional has laid out for you.

    The custom aligners are worn 24/7, with the exception of eating or drinking liquids other than water. They need to be removed to eat and after flossing and brushing, are to be slipped back on over your teeth. As the fit is very tight over your teeth, you must follow very good dental hygiene practices to prevent food and bacteria from being trapped in your teeth and causing tooth decay.


    Is Invisalign an alternative to braces?

    Invisalign can be a good treatment option to achieve a beautiful smile, however it does not always replace the use of braces in all instances. 

    Orthodontic Consultations 

    At NEESH we have our patient’s best interests in mind, so if we think you would benefit form visiting an Orthodontic Specialist, then we can arrange for a consultation with our partner specialist for recommendations and guidance on more detailed orthodontic work.


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