How to Access Dental Care without Insurance: The Canadian Dental Care Plan

How Canadians pay for dental care

According to Statistics Canada, almost one third of people in Canada do not have dental insurance. Around half of Canadians have a private dental-care plan and less than 5% have public dental insurance. 34.7 percent do not have any insurance at all. When it comes to dental insurance, our province of Saskatchewan is actually the most insured province at 63%, according to the 2022 Canadian Community Health Survey. 

Families with lower incomes were less likely to have dental insurance, with about half of those earning less than $70,000 annually reporting they had no dental coverage​ (Statistics Canada)​​ (Statistics Canada)​. Less than 50% of low income groups reported seeing a dentist in 2022, compared with 73% in high income groups. These numbers are concerning due to the connection between oral health and overall health. 

Why cost-related avoidance of the dentist is a huge problem According to a 2022 report by Statistics Canada, about one in four Canadians (24%) avoided dental care due to cost that year. Oral health problems, when left untreated due to financial barriers, can escalate into more serious medical conditions. Research consistently links poor oral health to increased risks of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections, and even complications in pregnancy. Without regular dental check-ups and timely treatments, individuals may unknowingly exacerbate underlying health issues, leading to higher healthcare costs and diminished overall well-being. Addressing the affordability of dental care isn’t just about preserving smiles; it’s about safeguarding holistic health and reducing long-term healthcare burdens for individuals and communities alike.

What is the Canadian Dental Care Plan?
Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is a national initiative aimed at promoting and maintaining oral health for all citizens. This care plan is NOT free!! It exists as a subsidy to help ease financial barriers to accessing dental care for eligible Canadian residents. Most Canadians can apply for access to coverage for dental care under this plan. The fees paid by the CDCP are set by the Federal Government and differ in price from the fee structure set by the Saskatchewan College of Dental Surgeons therefore, patients that have coverage of ANY amount are still paying out of pocket for services rendered. Find out if you are eligible.

Application schedule for the CDCP
Apply now (started December 2023): Seniors 65 and over
June 27, 2024: Children under 18 and adults with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate
January 2025: All remaining eligible Canadian residents 

Checkups and cleanings at NEESH Dental subsidized by the CDCP
The Canadian Dental Care Plan will provide eligible Canadian citizens with subsidized coverage for basic dental exams and cleanings, which are essential to the maintenance of oral health. That means you can apply if you are eligible, and if you are approved, you can visit us in Saskatoon and receive payments for your dental bill. 

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