A Ontario Dentistry Team Is Offering Free Tooth Care To A Syrian Refugee Family … For All Of 2017

Tansley Woods Dentistry is donating dental services for the first year of the Zin family’s life in Canada.

The Zins left Syria four years ago fleeing to Turkey. They arrived in Canada on Dec. 12, 201. The family’s two boys, Mouhammad and Kassem, are in Grade 6 and 8, while parents Noureddin and Maryam are enrolled in English languages classes fulltime.

The family lives in Scarborough, near a relative. It is being sponsored financially overall by a group of private citizens. The family was given full dental exams at Tansley Woods Dentistry on Feb. 4 as well hygiene appointments. The four will be back in one month for restorative appointments to take care of cavities and in six months for additional hygiene care.


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The Zin family (L-R) Kassem , 13, Mouhammad, 11, Noureddin and wife Maryam


The dental costs covered by the Tansley practice for the family in 2017 will be worth approximately $5,000 with the doctor donating all costs and staff time according to Mai Vo, office administrator for Tansley Woods Dentistry

Dr. Thelam Nguyen, owner of Tansley Woods Dentistry, was a political refugee who fled Vietnam in the 1980s with his family. They were part of the so-called ‘boat people’ exodus

Vo said Tansley Woods was approached in July 2015 to aid on any level and that “after much thought and consideration, we decided that we would volunteer our dental services for the family for their first year as they will absolutely need it.”

The doctor donated all costs and staff has volunteered its time, said Vo.


SOURCE: InsideHalton.com 

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