The following are U.S. numbers … we await tangible Canadian data …

  • The Tooth Fairy visited 81% of homes with children who lost a tooth
  • The amount of spare cash on hand (44%) or the child’s age (39%) are the most mentioned reasons for how much is left by the Tooth Fairy
  • The Tooth Fairy was more generous with first-time tooth losers, leaving more money for the first tooth in 40% of homes… On average, the amount given for the first tooth was $5.74, a 27% increase from 2013
  • The Tooth Fairy was stingiest with kids in the Midwest, leaving just $2.83 per tooth. Kids in the South raked in the dough, receiving $5.16 per tooth… Kids in the West and Northeast didn’t fare so bad either, receiving $4.68 and $4.16 respectively
  • Kids with younger parents also received more money from the Tooth Fairy. Kids with parents under age 35 received the most ($5.40 per tooth), followed by kids with parents ages 35 to 44 ($4.24 per tooth) and parents ages 45 and older ($2.45 per tooth)
  • Most kids seem satisfied with their gift. Only 17% of parents can recall their child asking the Tooth Fairy for more money… Fewer (11%) say their kids have asked the Tooth Fairy for a gift instead of or in addition to cash.

As Real As They Come!


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