An Origami Tooth

Says Leyla Torres …

When I saw a class offering of an origami tooth at the 2011 Origami USA convention in New York, I jumped at the opportunity to learn a great model. It’s perfect to give to my dentist as a gift.”

This origami tooth is Marc Kirschenbaum’s creation. Marc is a prolific origami designer and book author who shares his work on his website Sakura Origami,  and who has generously granted Leyla permission to demonstrate the folding of this model in the video to follow.

Leyla adds …

I like the tooth’s folding sequence because of its pleasing symmetry and the potential for making variations leading to the creation of other models. For example, when turned upside down, I imagine folding it into a basket or container.”

An origami molar I folded out of ivory color Stardream® paper is now sitting on a shelf in Leyla’s studio awaiting her next dental appointment.

Click here or on the image below to watch Leyla’s video …


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