You Can Minimize That Acid Attack By The Bacteria By Doing A Few Simple Things When You Eat Candy


  • Eat Candy With Plenty Of Water
  • Water helps neutralize the acids produced by the bacteria
  • Swish Vigorously With Water Afterward
  • This can help shake loose bits of sticky candy that get stuck in between teeth
  • When candy gets stuck in your teeth, those bacteria can have a heyday of a feast and continue excreting acid all day long until you get home to floss and brush that chunk out
  • Don’t Snack All Day
  • Eating a lot of candy all at once is better than spreading it out over days or weeks
  • If you’re going to expose your teeth to acid, do it for as little time as possible
  • Wait To Brush
  • With all that acid in your mouth, you’ll want to wait to brush and floss for at least 30 minutes to one hour, depending on how much water you’ve had to neutralize the acid
  • Enamel is strong, but it wears away with acid, and brushing with all that acid in your mouth could easily wear away more enamel


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