Looking for Saskatoon Dental video’s? The staff at Neesh Dental have put together a list of educational, informative and fun videos. The videos have been grouped into ten easy-to-find alphabetical categories to make easier your browsing experience.


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The following dental procedures are available in Saskatoon through the Neesh Dental Clinic. Contact us online or call today (306) 665-8414 to book your consultation.

Exams / Hygene

The maintenance of good oral hygiene, dental fitness and preventive dentistry.


Techniques that can be used to improve the appearance of teeth. Crowns, veneers, and tooth whitening are included.


The study of conditions which adversely affect the supporting structures of the teeth. In simple terms gum conditions but in reality another complex dental speciality.

Dental Implants

The insertion of titanium posts into the jaw bone onto which crowns are fixed. The discovery that Titanium could be implanted into bone was made in Sweden by Professor Branemark in the 1970s.

Given the right clinical conditions he found that cylinders of titanium could be implanted into human bone and after a few months they become inseparable.


The specialised study of children’s dentistry.


A specialist field of dentistry concentrating on the preservation of diseased or damaged teeth.
Endodontic treatment or root canal therapy (RCT) carried out by specialists can save teeth which, until recently, would have been extracted.

Oral Surgery

Any operation which involves the soft tissues of the mouth.

Crown & Bridge

The part of a natural tooth which is exposed in the mouth is called the crown and is covered in enamel.
The term is also used to refer to an artificial covering that is made from metal, eg. gold, or porcelain, to restore or conserve a damaged tooth.


A device or appliance (prosthesis), complete or partial, made to replace natural teeth.


Any dentistry-related information we think is useful, educational or fun.

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