The aim of brushing your teeth is to remove plaque, the white or cream-coloured sticky material which causes tooth decay. Plaque consists  of bacteria, residues from saliva, and bits of food.

People think the harder you brush, the better you’re going to clean that plaque off. But plaque is actually soft.”

It is often confused however with a harder substance called tartar or calculus, which builds up when plaque has been left too long on teeth and starts to absorb calcium out of your saliva. Plaque can become tartar in as little as a week.

Tartar can be removed only by a dentist using a special tool called a scaler and won’t come off with a toothbrush at all.

To remove plaque, it’s good brushing technique, rather than brushing hard that matters most.

Your toothbrush needs to be aimed at the gum line. That’s the most important thing. If you’re not getting your toothbrush at the gum line, you’re not reaching where the plaque starts to grow.”

You should also use a circular brushing motion and never a back and forth motion like you’re scrubbing your shoes with a brush. The upwards stroke of the circle is hopefully going to sweep the plaque away.


Easy Does It

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