In a series of dental articles, the Saskatoon dental team at Neesh Dental share interesting dental information and education. In our latest post, we discuss baby teeth

Baby Teeth Matter

Many people think baby teeth don’t matter because they’ll eventually fall out. The truth is babies teeth do matter. Primary teeth, are very important to a child’s early physical, social and emotional development.

Healthy baby teeth:

  • Foster good nutrition through proper chewing
  • Aid in speech development
  • Build self-esteem by providing a beautiful smile
  • Enable a child to pay attention and learn in school without the distraction of dental pain
  • Save space in the jaw that is needed for proper development of adult (permanent) teeth

The “Baby Teeth Matter” message promotes the importance of good oral health during a child’s early years. It also reminds the general public of oral health’s importance to overall well-being.

The importance of healthy baby teeth

Brush and floss chart – download PDF

When do babies start teething

Most babies begin teething around 6–8 months of age, and those teeth will usually emerge in a predictable order. However, babies are all unique, and some can get their first tooth as early as 3 months—or as late as 1 year.

Do yourself a favor and don’t sweat it. As long as your baby is happy and meeting other developmental milestones, he or she is right on track. If you still have concerns, talk to our dentists

Image of Primary (Baby) Tooth Development and Eruption
Tooth eruption chart- download PDF

At Neesh Dental in Saskatoon, a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime is our ultimate goal when treating patients.  Your personal home care plays an important role in achieving that goal.  Our team of Saskatoon dentists and support staff try to always share interesting articles, dental facts and dental hygiene tips so you can take good care of your teeth. Contact us today to book a Saskatoon dental appointment.

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